Every new project or development requires meticulous planning, both for obtaining the relevant Council consents and the overall management of the development itself. The in-house planning team at Tripp Andrews has vast experience in all facets of Resource Consent Planning and will strive to achieve the best result for your project. Take the unnecessary stress away and let us manage the Resource Consent Planning process with Council through to the completion of the project. There are a number of different planning components that may be applicable for your project and we can assist you with them all.


Auckland Unitary Plan & Waikato District Plan

Both Auckland and Waikato District Council are going through major planning rule changes. Our planning team have expert knowledge of the relevant planning rules for all forms of subdivision and will strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Call Tripp Andrews to get the latest updates on these rules and how they could benefit your property.


Subdivision Resource Consents -Residential & Rural

To undergo a subdivision and create separate fee-simple allotments or shift an existing boundary on your legal title, you will need to obtain a resource consent (subdivision consent) from the local Council. A resource consent will require a detailed planning report that assesses the subdivision proposal against the relevant district plan rules for subdivision. An application will also require a subdivision scheme plan and sometimes specialist reports depending on the scale of the proposal. Tripp Andrews have their own in-house planners to complete these consent applications and also have longstanding professional relationships with Council planners and engineers that assess the applications. An approved subdivision consent from Council is valid for 5 years and will usually include a number of conditions that need to be addressed before new titles can be issued by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).


Land Use Consents

Land use Consents may be required for a number of different reasons, including earthworks, works within or near a stream, discharge permits or breaches of District Plan rules for a building location. Some subdivisions require a number of different Land use consents and our in-house planning team have the relevant knowledge to identify when these additional consents are required and satisfy Council expectations.


Regional Council Consents

Many jobs relating to environmental matters such as air, water and soil may require a regional Consent alongside a Land Use Consent. Our planning team have the relevant expertise and experience to deal with most facets of regional planning matters.


Building Consents

As part of your Resource Consent Application to subdivide, you may be required to submit a building consent for any drainage works or new structures such as retaining walls that are part of the development. We can complete the building consent application to submit to Council and insure that all necessary inspections are undertaken.


Right of Way Consents

If you are proposing to create a Right of Way access which is not part of a subdivision, we can complete a Section 348 application to Council for you.