Most subdivisions require some degree of Engineering Design which will need to demonstrate to Council how any earthworks will be controlled and how the construction of any new vehicular access, roading, utilities, stormwater and wastewater will be undertaken. Tripp Andrews have expert and experienced engineering resources available to generate the required engineering design plans that clearly illustrate how these new services will work in relation to the existing infrastructure. We can also manage and supervise the construction project through to completion.


Earthworks & Sediment Control

General earthworks associated with land development projects and the potential adverse effects from sediments or erosion are required to be assessed and managed as part of any new development. By undertaking a detailed topographical survey of the development site, we are able to quantify any earthworks that have taken place or estimate the quantity and scale of earthworks required to complete a development. This volume information and the appropriate sediment control devices are then illustrated on detailed design plans with construction methodology statements for Council approval and for contractors to follow.


Roading and Right of Way Design

Our expert and experienced staff have the capability to design Roads and Right of Ways for both Residential and Rural developments including pavement design, storm water disposal, intersections and appropriate turning areas. This work generally includes specific formation design, long sections, cross sections and earthwork calculations. All engineering design is completed in accordance with the appropriate Council standards with the most practical outcome for the client and local environment in mind.


Infrastructure (Civil) Design & Reporting

Adding an additional house to your property or subdividing land into multiple sites means that the new sites will need to be fully serviced for stormwater, sanitary (wastewater) sewer, water supply, vehicular access, roading, power and telephone services. Tripp Andrews can design and prepare full Engineering plans for all new services required. Together with our experienced team and the utilisation of the latest computer software, we are able to efficiently process the relevant data to allow simple transitions in design and assess all the available options to achieve an accurate and cost effective design, whilst balancing the relevant design standards and Council requirements.

After the completion of the design we are able to provide detailed engineering plans for engineering approval through the Council consenting process. We can also provide specialist reports to specifically address every element of the required infrastructure design which can be used to support a Resource Consent application or Engineering Plan Approval at Council.


Utility Design

As part of any development, utility service connections are an essential part in the process. We will liaise with the relevant utility providers for your area and provide the required design / layout for the new service connections to best suit the subdivision layout, through to obtaining the required completion certificates for the new works.